Hi and welcome to my tiny online space, full of everything about our tiny outdoor space.

I’m Amy, and my partner, Andrew, and I bought our first home together in 2016, and with it came a tiny little yard/garden… Henceforth we have called it our ‘Yarden’. The garden/yard hybrid is popular these days, with outdoor space a rare thing for homebuyers, especially when living in busy towns and cities. To get a space all of your own is hugely valuable, whether it be a garden, yard, courtyard, balcony or even just a window box.

We were overjoyed to get a small bit of nature with our new home, but we have had to move out of our buzzing city, Bristol, to get it. We now live in a small village called Pill, just a short drive from the centre, which is full of character and according to internet searches, used to be a popular place for pirates and sailors. It had at one point, over 20 pubs for the sailors to frequent. Our home was once one of those pubs, built in the early 1900’s – so it has lots of character and i’m sure if it could speak, would have some interesting stories to tell!

Another bit of interesting trivia is that the west country legends, ‘The Wurzels’ wrote a song about our village, called ‘Pill, Pill’… A brilliant tribute. Feel free to learn the lyrics to this catchy number here.

Back to our yarden, it’s a cosy space and walled on two sides, it was not very well looked after previously, so it is in need of A LOT of work, much like our little home. We will be taking on the challenge of renovating our small space into a comfortable outdoor area for entertaining, relaxing and enjoying our little slice of nature.

Andrew has a very good understanding of forestry and knows most trees like the back of his hand. I have a basic understanding of plants having spent some time last year with some avid horticulturalists. However neither of us would ever call ourselves gardeners, we are definitely novices, so this journey through the renovation will be a learning curve for us too. The challenge of putting the right plant in the right place will test us greatly, we hope you enjoy learning with us.

Amy x


All photo content on this site is my own unless credited otherwise. All views and opinions are also my own.


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