My Plant of the Month 1/12 – Snowdrops

Ok… so I missed the first month of this year, that means I can double up when there are too many beautiful plants to choose from.

My chosen favourite plant for February HAS to be the Snowdrop (Galanthus). Its one of the first signs that Spring may be on it’s way soon.

They are so dainty and look stunning in patches of dewy grass when the winter sunlight catches them.

They flower January to March and are quite hardy little plants.

If you want some of these gorgeous little flowers in your garden next year, plant them up in the late Spring, (April/May) and have a look on the RHS website for all the info you will need.

Also, the National Trust have a fantastic list of the ‘Top Spots for Snowdrops’ in the UK. Perfect for a wintery weekend walk!

Image credit – National Trust / Marina Rule